Operational Model

At the moment the operational model we are implementing is based in two macro pillars.

Pillar ONE.


Entities select us for carry out mandates related with equity in the form of Private Equity, Public Equity and/or State Equity.


. Evaluate companies.

. Allocate capital to companies.

. Review critical proposals.

. Winning with a Portuguese Venture Capital Firm the international bid for the management of Private Equity Fund for a Portuguese city. This project is standby position waiting for local legislation upgrade.

Pillar TWO.

We nurture teams. We select outstanding persons to be part of our ecosystem. Together we establish a Management Company that will manage at least one fund. Then the Management Company will manage the fund including the investments, the development of the portfolio companies and the exits.

Currently the status is the following:

We (Helsinki Equity Covenant Oy) established in 2014 ACCELETEAM Oy (a Management Company) which is on the early stage of establishing a fund.


At Helsinki Equity Covenant Oy we are different (peculiar?), (outliers?) so we go further than the conventional reasoning. We are an INDEPENDENT entity.

In graphical terms the capital allocation can understood in the the following way: